MATHARU Zig-Zag vertical 1 ton multi grain dryer is meant for small  production with faster output. Mobile grain dryers range starts with this dryer.

Suitable for Maize, Paddy, Soybean, grains etc.

The Matharu team developed countless prototypes and conducted several field trials; in the end, the design of this Mobile Grain Dryer showed unbeatable performance as well as long-term safety and reliability.

A small tractor can operate it easily.  A 10 qtl. batch of paddy can be dried within 40* minutes only. 


Model/Type Z-Mobile-1T/Zig-Zag AG Mobile
Batch capacity 1 ton Paddy & 1.2 ton Maize
Tank Volume 1.7 m³
Furnace fuel Diesel,5 ltr /hr*
Power Required Tractor PTO 15 hp or above
Loading and Recirculation Bucket elevator
Unloading By pulling a lever
Temperature Display Digital Display